Since April 2016,

the Council has run a number of Young People’s events, including Schools Councils and debates, with the aims of improving Youth Engagement, encouraging young people to become interested in democracy and providing a broader understanding of the role that Councillors play in the community. The events also aim to help the students to:

  • Develop public speaking skills
  • Develop confidence
  • Encourage listening to the views of others

A recurring theme across all the events has been the keen interest shown by the children and young people in matters relating to the environment, including issues relating to single use plastics, recycling, litter, etc.

The opportunity to build on this enthusiasm, linked to the recent Council decision to approved a motion to declare a Climate Change Emergency, and the work undertaken in respect of Single Use Plastics, has led to the proposal to introduce a Eco-Champions scheme for schools, colleges and youth organisations in the Borough.

The aim of the Scheme is to recognise and reward the good work taking place across the Borough by our children and young people in supporting the principles of environmental sustainability.

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