• How it works

    There are three levels that your school/group can work towards.

    The scheme will run from September to June each year. This means that there is a suitable level for every school/group wishing to be more environmentally friendly.

    From taking the first steps towards environmental improvement to becoming a full eco champion!

    Your school/group will complete a short form in January to explain to the Council what your school has done towards its self selected level and what it intends to do over the next coming months to complete the accreditation.

    At the end of the year, your school/group will complete a ‘year end’ form which covers everything your Borough Eco Champions have successfully completed.

    You can include supportive evidence including photos and videos of your Eco Champs at work!

  • Your borough Eco Champions committee

    Ask students to volunteer to be a part of the Borough Eco Champions Committee.

    Consider holding a vote to appoint a Chair of the Committee.

    The Committee will help to organise, implement and promote the different schemes for your school/group’s accreditation.

Annual awards

Each year, in June, the Mayor of the Borough of Scarborough will award each school/group their bronze, silver or gold accreditation at a small award ceremony at the Town Hall. A school/group will be selected to be the overall winner of our Borough Eco Champions Trophy!

Bronze award

  • Appoint a Borough Eco Champions Committee comprising of at least 6 students.

  • Sign the Borough Eco Champions Pledge.

  • Create a “green” school/group policy.

  • Introduce a recycling scheme in your school/group.

Silver award

  • All activities within the Bronze Accreditation PLUS...

  • Reduce your school/group’s carbon footprint by promoting a walk to school scheme (or promote a car share scheme or public transport scheme).

  • Build an allotment in schools/groups (can be a plant pot allotment!) including composting and a method to recycle/use rain water (e.g. water butts).

Gold award

  • All activities within the Bronze and Silver accreditation PLUS...

  • Fundraise for a sustainability initiative for your school/group eg, Solar panels, compost bins.

  • Reduce the amount of single use plastics used by your school/group.

  • Reduce the amount of food waste produced by your school/group.

  • An eco project of your choice (not included above) spearheaded by your Borough Eco Champions Committee.